Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Are you in the people business?

When most people think about their business, they tend to get wrapped up in the product or service they are promoting. But the bottom line is we are all in the people business whether we realize it or not. I recently received a newsletter article from a colleague, Adam Packard, which demonstrates this point very clearly. We've included a reprint of it here for your benefit as well.

Spiritual Marketing for Business
Volume 1, Issue 4 - September 1, 2007
By Adam Packard

Appreciation wins over self promotion. We keep hearing this phrase but how can we apply it even further in our business? I was thinking about how spiritual marketing is bigger than just showing appreciation. It's bigger than making sure you thank your customers and your prospects. It is a way of doing business.

Write down the business that you are in on a sheet of paper. Most of you probably put, greeting card business, Realtor, mortgage broker, or insurance to name a few. That however, is your product or service. We are all in the PEOPLE business. It is that simple yet most of us never quite understand it. I have spent a lot of time acquiring product knowledge, sales skills, marketing skills, yet all that we really need are people skills. Think about it, the most successful person you know has great people skills. It doesn't matter what business they are in, they have great skill in developing a relationship with those they are doing business with.

Yes, I'm sure they have good product knowledge but the reason why people do business with them is because they understand that you can't be successful without other people.

Regardless of what you do for a living, try focusing your business around people first, and your product or service second. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. They want to know what is in it for them, not how many features your product has. How can it or you help them? I've realized that spiritual or relationship marketing is even more than just showing appreciation on a daily basis to those you do business with. Spiritual marketing is about being in the people business. People will buy your product or service not because they are persuaded with some "technique" that you read about. People will do business with you because of your sincere desire to help them in some way, and in your conviction and enthusiasm about what you do.

When you put people first, your business will flourish.

People will be attracted to you because of the way you do business.

Rose Slaymaker
Nemec Marketing Group

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